2 days: March 23rd/24th both 9 am - 5 pm

Skill Level

A good understanding of Boolean Logic or having taken the Intro to Logic Class.

Equipment Used

Wago Edge Controller, Maple MLC1 and Red Lion FlexEdge controllers. Labs will be Virtual for On-Line Attendees.

If attending please bring a Laptop for use with the Trial Software Package or Codesys 3.x.


Will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks!

Day 1
This class provides a foundational knowledge of IEC61131. We then delve into the standards and core programming.
We will look at the various programs that follow IEC61131 and how they differ. The first day then covers Tag Addressing and Basic programming.

Day 2
This class will cover the basics of the programming languages within IEC61131 and how they are used in the controllers.
We then will dig deeper into the usage of IEC61131 and the advanced function blocks.

Once registered you will receive an email regarding payment and training information.

The minimum for in-person classes is 4 participants. If attendance is less than 4 participants the class will be held online only.

Deadline: One week prior to class start date.

Upcoming class

Session to be determined