7 Goals to Vibe-Sight's Success

02 Aug 2022

When Vibe-Sight was developed, our Predictive Maintenance Solution, we had 7 main Goals, we met those goals!

1.       Provide “True” Predictive Analytics:  

Many of our competitors are offering predictive solutions without providing predictive analytics. These offerings required the user to analyze the data. Our main goal was to provide a “True” Predictive Analytics Solution that did not require third-party fixes, cloud interfaces or interpretation of graphs and charts to make decisions.

Using Machine Analytics and high-level statistics (our secret sauce) we developed a Predictive Health Indicator “Health Halo” that provides an indication of the health or failing health of a system or device. This Health Halo allows a True Predictive Indication of the health of your devices, providing an indication of problems long before vibration alarms are generated.

2.       Easy to install:  

A Predictive Maintenance Solution should be easy to Install. Vibe-Sight uses Banner Engineering’s Vibration and Temp Sensors and Radios. Allowing you to install sensors in minutes. 

3.       Out-of-the-box, ready to run, solution:

Many of our competitors required the use of Wizards to set up devices, effectively giving you a pick from the list solution. This totally ignored the fact that, like fingerprints, all machines are unique. We chose to make Vibe-Sight a fully automated system. First, finding a True Running State, then analytically determining the proper Warning and Critical Alarm Set Points. This gives you an out of the box ready to run solution. It’s truly easy to set up with close to no downtime or engineering required.

4.       Provide real-time monitoring: 

To be truly effective, Predictive Maintenance Solutions need to be seen 24-7, without an operator having to log in to see what’s happening. That’s why we created a “Live GUI” for Vibe-sight that can be displayed on a large screen TV or Monitor allowing Realtime monitoring of your plant’s devices. Up to 47 devices are displayed at one time.

5.       Email Alarms:

You can’t always be looking to see if problems occur, so we developed Email Alarming to let you know about Predictive alarms as they occur. In addition, we added a Cybersecure Interface to allow Remote Access.

6.       IIoT Ready:

Not everyone wants a stand-alone system. That’s why we provided a ModbusTCP Gateway to bring all pertinent data out to the “edge” to allow SCADA or MES System access. Don’t use Modbus? We allow up to 300 different connection protocols. Want to go to the cloud? We have MQTT.

7.       Scalable:

Finally, one size does not fit all. We developed Vibe-Sight and Vibe-Sight Lite on an Open Architecture Platform that allows easy modification for special needs. 

In addition, we even have an Integrator / OEM program that allows companies to make special customized solutions to meet their needs!

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