AA Electric's 2022 User Guide

09 Mar 2022

Welcome to the AA Electric Webstore User Guide

Everything you need to know about using our
web store, requesting a quote or placing an order

Searching for a product
Type in the search bar for the item you are looking for and select from the drop-down menu
Click the search button to visualize all SKUs that match your search

You can view all related products to your search on this page and select your choice to view more information. Additionally, you can use both the category and filter functions (at the top of your screen) to narrow your search and find the correct product that you are searching for  

Product Details + Information
All product pages are unique and contain all the information you need- this includes a high-resolution photo, SKU reference, brand, description, and list of specifications If you are a registered AA Electric web store customer, you will also have access to your pricing as well as stock information.
Additionally, product pages are able to provide you with a full list of specifications, related documentation, such as catalogs and datasheets, as well as any compatible products.

Comparing Products
With our comparison tool, you can select and compare up to three products at a time. Within the Comparison Page, you can view and compare products based on price, description, and specifications. Simply click “compare products” next to the specific product you are interested in

Adding Products to your Cart
To add products to your cart, simply select the quantity you would like to purchase and click the  “Add to Cart/Quote” button. Items are automatically added to your cart and
you can resume searching for additional products

Reviewing your Cart
Within your cart, you can view all chosen products, edit quantities, use the quick add search bar to search and select additional products or remove incorrect products. If you are satisfied with your selections, you can enter any order remarks and click “Place order”. If you are requesting a quote for these items select “Request for Quotation”  

Not a Registered Customer?
Signing up for the AA Electric web store is simple! In the top right corner, click “Sign Up” and enter your company information. After you are registered, you will be able to shop in our store. Questions? Need additional help? Reach out to us at websales@a-aelectriccom or 1-(800) 237-8274  

View the PDF file here.